how many bullets do you reckon are lodged in Jack’s brain?

After Everything Changes and Web of Lies, I want to say none, or very few at this point in time.

But the thought of hearing clinking bullets every time he tilts his head is so enticing that I’m gonna go ahead and guess at least 15.



Just finished season 2 of Torchwood. Someone please tell me that wasn’t serious. I refuse to watch this show anymore if that was fucking serious. What the FUCK.

Yeah… you might not want to try season 3 then…

Write that musical. PLEASE.

Working on it.

Just a taste:


I’ll go later - the beans are almost done.


The beans are almost done.

The room darkens, a single spotlight on Ianto.


Remember when my girlfriend tried to assimilate me?

How she threw me in a puddle after her killing spree?

Despite my body lying there limp, we cannot omit

the fact that we had time back then to swap a little spit.

The world was almost taken over by machines,

but we can’t bang now because of bloody beans.

(Ianto moves over to Rhys and stands awkwardly by his shoulder. The spotlight widens to encompass the two.)

Sooooo, how the beans doing?


They’re just beans mate. No need to rush it.

 The spotlight focuses again on Ianto. He moves dramatically upstage.


Rhys! Haven’t you read the script?

This episode will be my crypt.

 Soon, I’ll be in a body bag,

the least you can do is let me shag. 

The Children of Earth Musical

I hope you guys are ready, because this is going to be a thing.



I had to do this.

Mystery solved!


Torchwood panel at MegaCon 2014


A 456 spin off where it just travels around planet to planet seeking out new forms of life wondering which ones will get it high.