"Torchpenis: Because 'Touchwood' Wasn't Suggestive Enough"

We just wanted to make sure we could in no way be mistaken for tree fans.

I JUST WATCHED DAY FOUR AND NOW I'M SOBBING. Someone hold me while I cry. I've never cried this hard over a TV show. Not even Doomsday. Or Angels Take Manhattan. Or The Reichenbach Fall. But IANTO! *sobs*

We are holding you with our internet arms.

Just listened to your podcast of From Out of the Rain. I agree, episode made no sense, but it did scare the hell out of me. I'm not a horror movie person, and many Doctor Who episodes have left me petrified, but Torchwood hasn't really ever done that, so I was surprised when I couldn't turn off my light that night without feeling like the Ghost Maker (or whatever the hell his name was) was going to come get me.

If it happens again just picture him falling into a gaping plothole in your floor that opens up whenever he appears just to swallow him and his lack of sense up.

I love your podcast so much! I've just started watching Torchwood about a month or two ago and I'm up to Children of Earth: Day One. Unfortunately, I know no one who watches Torchwood, despite having a few Whovian friends, so I just sit home alone and listen to Torchpenis and die laughing every time. Love you guys!

Awww, thank you. Sorry we bring up dead Ianto every other episode without regard for spoilers. Shit, I just did it again in writing.

We’re also sorry about all the tragic deaths you’ve suffered from laughter. It’s very Torchwood of you though.




Boom’s Torchwood phone.


Eve Myles DragonCon 2013 Appreciation Post

She really is the most lovely woman.

Boom was covering DragonCon, so she took these for you.


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Boom was at DragonCon, so she took these for you.


A play off of Secretary. Because Ianto takes his job very, very seriously.


A play off of Secretary. Because Ianto takes his job very, very seriously.

In which Boom and Jacquie glance over a lengthy villain monologue to talk about the important parts of this radio play, like how much we want Rhys’ uncle Bryn to have his own radio show where all he does is list off things you do with the devil.